May ends with rain

May ends with rain

Today our country will continue to be affected by relatively unstable conditions.

The weather is expected to be initially clear and alternating with few temporary clouds.

Starting from midday to the afternoon, the weather is forecast to be moderately to densely cloudy with occasional sunny intervals.

In the hilly - mountainous reliefs, after noon, the clouds will be accompanied by occasional low to moderate rainfall in the form of thunderstorms and downpours accompanied by electrical discharges.

In the rest of the territory, the rainfall will be of low intensity and short-term.

The wind will blow in the northeast-northwest direction with an average speed of 1-8m/s, accompanied by sea waves of force 1.

Temperatures are forecast

in mountainous areas 11 to 24°C

in low areas 14 to 27°C

in coastal areas 16 to 27 °C