Carry an umbrella with you today!

Carry an umbrella with you today!

The weather in our country will be under the influence of clear weather and light clouds in the northern areas, while in the southern areas and partly in the center, the clouds will be more frequent.

It is predicted that during the afternoon hours, the clouds will gradually spread over the entire Albanian territory, where they will be more pronounced in the Southern extreme and some areas in the center, risking moments with rain drops.

Even during the night, the weather remains with frequent clouds and rain and snow in the northeastern and southeastern areas, but the precipitation will be in small amounts.

Air temperatures will increase in both daily extreme values, fluctuating from 1°C, the lowest temperature recorded in the city of Peshkopia, to 19°C, the highest value along the coastline.

The wind will blow moderately throughout the day, reaching at certain moments a speed of over 30 km/h from the North-East direction, creating 2-front waves on the sea coasts.