Rain and temperatures below 17 degrees today

Rain and temperatures below 17 degrees today

On Wednesday, our country is expected to live under the influence of unstable air masses.

The weather is forecast to be cloudy with intervals of clearing.

Rainfall in the first hours of the 24-hour in the northwest of the country with intensity to average from time to time rain is expected to be in the form of short-term thunderstorms. While in the rest of the country, the rainfall is expected to be of weak local intensity.

The wind will blow from the southern quadrant with an average speed of 1-8m/s, which on the southern coast of the country is expected to gain speed up to 12m/s. Force Ripple 3 front.

Temperatures are predicted :

in mountainous areas 0 to 9°C

in low areas 2 to 17°C

in coastal areas 7 to 17°C