Temperatures drop below 20 degrees. Storm, lightning, snow

Temperatures drop below 20 degrees. Storm, lightning, snow

Today, our country will be affected by unstable atmospheric conditions, as a result of the passage of a cold atmospheric front, accompanied by moist air masses of northwest origin.

The weather is forecasted with dense clouds accompanied by occasional and locally continuous rains, with low and mostly moderate intensity in the form of thunderstorms.

Along the western lowlands, rainfall locally and in the short term is expected to be intense, up to high in the form of showers and thunderstorms accompanied by lightning and hail.

In the area of ​​the Alps and the high mountain reliefs in the northeast, there were light snowfalls.

The wind will blow in the southwest-northwest direction with an average speed of 1-5 m/sec, while along the coastline and the valley the wind gains a speed of 8-12 m/sec, accompanied by sea waves of force 1-3.

Temperatures are forecast:

in mountainous areas 10 to 15°C

in low areas 10 to 19°C

in coastal areas 12 to 18°C