Veliaj at the "Marubi" festival dedicated to Ukraine: together with Klitschko we gather in Prague for the reconstruction of the cities destroyed by the war

Veliaj at the "Marubi" festival dedicated to Ukraine: together with
The International Film Festival for Human Rights in Albania closed its 17th edition last night, with a special dedication to the war in Ukraine. The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, in his speech at the closing ceremony, expressed his gratitude to the festival leaders, who have turned the Kinostudio area with the Marubi Film Academy into an important cultural pole.
Veliaj at the "Marubi" festival dedicated to Ukraine: together with
"Here we are at Kinostudio, which I had a dream to be a center of gravity of the city, but that's what the fact does when activities happen. Thank you for this festival! Marubi School has become a pole even before the highway came, even before the signage came, even before the water supply came and I am very grateful to you for that. I am very blessed today that you have decided to dedicate the festival to an event that is happening very close to our reality and history, such as the cause of Ukraine", said the head of the Municipality.

Veliaj at the "Marubi" festival dedicated to Ukraine: together with

Veliaj said that Ukraine and the post-war reconstruction process will gather mayors from all over the world in Prague, to give their concrete help in this difficult moment.

"On Monday I will meet Vitali Klitschko [Mayor of Kyiv] in Prague, where we have created a coalition of mayors. Tirana is the sister municipality of Kharkiv Municipality. Kharkiv, as you know, is the city that is being bombed the most at the moment. We are already starting to think about the reconstruction part there. The municipality of Tirana has passed a budget to build kindergartens, schools and nurseries in Kharkiv; that is, in the area most affected by Russian attacks and aggression. In Prague, we will have a conference for all the mayors, so that, just as Tirana decided to give some funds, we have other municipalities that undertake the reconstruction in other Ukrainian cities," he said.

The Ambassador of Ukraine, Volodymyr Shkurov, expressed gratitude that the Festival was dedicated to the war in Ukraine. "I am very touched that this festival was dedicated to Ukraine and I am extremely grateful that the connection between the Festival of Ukraine was made during these days. As an ambassador, I have a lot of information on what is happening in Ukraine, but the real perception I get from ordinary people, from those who survived the war, and I assure you that it completely changes our perception of good and bad. I get information about Bucha, Mariupol, and I know the horror that civilians are experiencing in those areas. Today we are on the 230th day since the beginning of the war, and people in Ukraine believe in victory," Shkurov said, among other things.

At the end of the closing ceremony, a minute of silence was held in honor of the victims of the war in Ukraine. For the first time, the festival was accompanied by a photo exhibition, with photos from the War in Ukraine, realized in cooperation with the Ukrainian embassy in Tirana. In this edition, 37 films were selected from 3200 applications from all over the world.