2 words for the National Team in Euro 2024, by Ilda Bejleri

2 words for the National Team in Euro 2024, by Ilda Bejleri

By Ilda Bejleri/ I was present at Signal Iduna Park, and if you didn't know where you were, it looked like you were at Air Albania.

This national team has made us proud to have reached this event, but that shouldn't stop us sports people from talking about what we saw on the field!

The most basic thing to do in such matches is to prepare the team not to concede a goal in the first quarter of an hour of the game... how can you squander that advantage with that quick goal against Italy and blow everything up..

I hear people teaching the theory that Italy is the reigning champion.. but for those of us who have watched football we know that this is the weakest Italy we have ever seen!

Instead of helping us, that goal turned into a boomerang!
They all turned back and Broja moved around to catch a ball, but alone... he almost looked like a "horse in the plow". We defended with 6 people, all in a straight line, Hysaj upside down, Seferi looked like a left defender and Asan like a right defender!

This national team has not played so badly even in the group matches,
Look what Slovakia, Austria, Romania, Poland, Slovenia are doing... They all try to play football!

Beyond the flag that I will continue to carry with pride everywhere in my hands, it is good to see things as they should be!
With Croatia, with victory or not, at least on the field we can see football players who play without fear and out of respect for all that army of fans who have invaded the streets of Germany🇦🇱

Albania, we love you very much, but wake up!