Bregu: The world is constantly changing and the future cannot only be a reflection of the past.

Pjesë nga fjala në takimin e Ministrave të Ekonomisë, të Procesit të Berlinit

Bregu: The world is constantly changing and the future cannot only be a
Part of the speech today at the meeting of Ministers of Economy, of the Berlin Process

A Europe that puts people at the center of its policies, that reforms by bringing the Western Balkans closer and closer, is the best investment for the peace and security of our entire continent!

Less than a year later, when Tirana hosted the EU - Western Balkans Summit, preparations are being made for the Berlin Process Summit.

But today, I did not find it easy to speak calmly about regional cooperation, the essence of which lies in guaranteeing security and strengthening good relations. Kosovo is in mourning. A Kosovar policeman, a father, like thousands of others who wear their uniform every day for the security of the country, was killed in the line of duty, reminding us once more of the great sacrifices that are made to ensure and maintain peace, but also the indisputable need for the perpetrators of a crime like this to be held accountable.

Transatlantic cooperation has never been more important, more necessary and clearer than today, in defense of the interests of our region, Europe and the whole world. As a region where geopolitical and strategic interests compete, the Western Balkans is an open square for security threats.

The Western Balkans has made significant progress in the last two decades, however we are not where we wanted and should be and unfortunately, conflicts hinder investment and economic growth.

For everything we say in meetings like these to come true, there is a need to balance the wisdom of the lessons of the past with the possibilities of the future.

Investing for the future means embracing change, innovation and progress, adopting new technologies, developing strategies and adapting to an ever-changing world. It means having that forward-looking approach that dictates that the world is constantly changing and the future cannot be just a reflection of the past.

As we embark on an intense season of important EU-BP high-level meetings, we will need less rhetoric and more concrete work, a focus on getting the most out of EU market access, funding serious and implementation without delays.