EU: Kosovo has a mandate for investigations, Serbia to cooperate unconditionally

EU: Kosovo has a mandate for investigations, Serbia to cooperate unconditionally

The spokesperson of the European Union, Peter Stano, said on Monday that the Kosovo Police has a mandate to investigate the attacks that were made in Banjska in Zveçan on SEPTEMBER 24, while Serbia has an obligation to cooperate, unconditionally.

He made these statements while being asked about the latest evidence published by the Kosovo authorities regarding this attack.

Stano has reiterated that the EU is waiting for the full results of the investigations, so that it has a clear picture of what happened, and based on them the member countries can take decisions, including any possible measures against Serbia.

Asked about the responsibility that the former vice-president of the Serbian List, Millan Radoicic, has taken for the attack, and whether the EU will help him be extradited to Kosovo, Stano only said that the European bloc expects "full, transparent and free cooperation conditions from Serbia", in order to clarify not only who prepared and carried out the terrorist attack, but also who is behind them".

"We have seen what RadoiçIç has said. All facts must be verified and clarified. We expect full cooperation from Serbia. We do not make our commitment through the media, but through our channels", said the EU spokesperson.

Asked about Belgrade's statements that the EU rule of law mission in Kosovo, EULEX, was not allowed to participate in the investigations, Stano said that "EULEX does not need a spokesperson who speaks on behalf of this mission." on the other hand, but it has its own office for this".

"Every day new evidence comes out. We do not comment on them, but we await final results that clarify all the circumstances of the terrorist attack. We expect full cooperation from Serbia. The EU has clearly said that we are ready to take measures against Serbia as well, if the member countries estimate that they have sufficient evidence", said Stano.

The EU spokesperson has left no doubt that the Kosovo authorities have the mandate to investigate Banjska's case.

"This happened in the territory of Kosovo and the investigations are done by the Kosovo Police. We have very good cooperation with him", he said.