Russian financing in PD, Veliaj: They are caught, what can you catch

Russian financing in PD, Veliaj: They are caught, what can you catch

In the meeting held with the new leaders of the SP in Tirana district, the mayor Erion Veliaj returned to the comment about the Russian funding in the Democratic Party. He said that the PD is like a "take what you take" party.

“[PD] is ready to sleep with the miller, against Albania's interest. There are parties who are ready to eat not only a spoiled spoonful of soup, but to swallow the whole cauldron. We are not that race! A party like the SP, which is a patriotic, left-wing party, should be proud that it does not have a single Russian penny", said Veliaj.

On the other hand, he said that the Socialist Party is always on the side of families in need and has shown this recently, with the war in Ukraine, which is impacting prices.

"The price of energy increased, it is beyond our power, but we will subsidize it for those who are in need. Did the costs increase because of the war? We cannot change this, but we will increase the economic aid for those who will have to bear the basket. Only a flock of sheep can change the party from the Socialist Movement for Integration to the Freedom Party. 'Freedom Parties' are the extreme right parties, but when you have the private party and when it is a private door of the husband and wife, you can go from the extreme left to the extreme right", he said.