Rama is asked about the fate of Arben Ahmetaj and the meeting with Tom Doshi. Here are the answers

Rama is asked about the fate of Arben Ahmetaj and the meeting with Tom Doshi.

After the government meeting, in the conference with journalists, Prime Minister Rama was asked why former Deputy Prime Minister Arben Ahmetaj was removed from his post and about Tom Doshi's visit to the Prime Minister today. Shortly before the government meeting, Tom Doshi, declared non-grata by the USA, was filmed as he entered the prime minister's office.

For Ahmetaj, Rama answered: These are fairy tales. You are within your right to tell tales to the people after every decision. It happens here and everywhere in the world in the name of media freedom they speculate to the extreme. It's your right, I don't know what to say. God bless you all. We are within our right to make administrative changes, to move. How a team is organized is the right of the team and not the right of the fans to decide. Why should someone have done something to move from a position, why is it not much simpler than that, for the reasons that someone has to find a position where he can give his best in a new way and organizations are made in other ways.

Regarding Tom Doshi, who was filmed as he entered the Prime Minister's Office, Rama answered: I have no knowledge about this, who enters and who leaves this entire building is not my duty at all. I have my share of work. Who comes in and who goes out is probably your job to eavesdrop on, it's not my job to control them.