Rama recounts the conversation with Sunak: He expressed his regret for the thoughtless statements in relation to the Albanians

Rama recounts the conversation with Sunak: He expressed his regret for the

Prime Minister Edi Rama has today narrated details of the telephone conversation with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Asked at the press conference about what was discussed in this conversation, Rama said that it was Sunak who asked to talk about the issue of immigrants and that the British Prime Minister expressed his regret regarding the minister's statements. for Home Affairs Suella Braverman.

Rama also said that there was also talk about a possible cooperation to fight trafficked networks, but not with propaganda tools, he said, but with concrete work, while he did not rule out the possibility of a visit by the British Prime Minister to Tirana and vice versa.

Question: - You had a phone call with your British counterpart a few days ago regarding the issue of immigrants. What was specifically talked about? Is there a new deal in this report?

Prime Minister Rama's answer:

Yes, it is true that I had a conversation, not a short telephone conversation, with the Prime Minister of Great Britain who sought me out himself, expressed his regret for what happened and you know very well what happened because of the statements thoughtless and let loose, as we say here from the villages of Tirana, in relation to the Albanians and we have discussed this issue, but not only this issue.

Nothing new has been talked about, just to join forces more to organize better and I have repeated the same thing that I have repeated to all his predecessors since I have been in this office, regarding how , in our opinion, it becomes possible to fight effectively, not propaganda, but efficient, against these traffic networks that exploit people's need to leave and, in turn, connections.

On the other hand, we talked about strengthening bilateral relations, not in a diplomatic or formal way, but in a concrete way and I hope that soon we will have an exchange of visits. It has never happened that a Prime Minister of Great Britain comes here for a bilateral visit. Prime Minister Blair came, but it was to support here in the territory the whole effort to host the war emigrants from Kosovo and on the other hand, in my memory there was no official bilateral visit. Maybe it will happen this time.