Elections in Kukës on Sunday. 46 thousand citizens vote

Elections in Kukës on Sunday. 46 thousand citizens vote

On Sunday, Kukësi will hold local elections after the dismissal of Safet Gjic, due to the sexual video scandal.

The head of the CEC, Ilirjan Celibashi, shared the technical details of the process. How many parties will participate? What is the number of voters and how much will it cost the state budget.

There are 5 electoral parties





Party for Integration

There is 1 coalition; together we win

Only 2 candidates have been presented, Emri Vata of 'BF', Albert Halilaj from SP

There are 74 polling stations where voting will take place

In 37 qv, 7 are from SP, 1 from PL 4 from PD

In other voting centers, 3 PS, 3 DP and 1 of 'PL'.

We are waiting for additional DP proposals for the commissions, it has brought 20 proposals so far, we have approved 9 waiting for 11 more.

The elections will cost 25 million to the state budget, which is not additional requested money, but in a budget management that we have done, we said that it was not necessary to have an additional budget.