Veliaj: When the LSI candidate knows he won't win, he can make planes and trains free 

Veliaj: When the LSI candidate knows he won't win, he can make planes and

The mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, has stated that the possibility of making transport free in the capital was discussed earlier with German experts and the former director of Public Transport in London, but according to them this idea would not work.

"It is quite normal that, when a candidate knows that he will not win, he can make free planes and free trains. We had an imaginary tram in Tirana. Free public transport is a project that we have been discussing for years, with German specialists and with the former director of Public Transport in London, so we have consulted with the best. But today we have a situation where the cost that would be needed is between 94 and 114 million euros. It is up to the Municipality of Tirana, in the next three years, not to do any work: no garden, no nursery, no road, no park, no tree, no cemetery, no public investment, for something that has actually been scientifically proven not to it works", said Veliaj in an interview for Top News.

The Mayor stated that the proposal made by the LSI candidate is similar to Lulzim Basha's promise for the imaginary tram in the Capital.

"I understand those people who, from the desperation of the polls, say what they can, as happened with the tram and other things that are unfeasible, because I understand, they are embarrassed. I don't want to prejudge the LSI candidate in this case, I will listen to everyone, but I believe that today, the city of Tirana consists mostly of mature and reasonable people. Tell me, who wouldn't want everything to be free. But we tried that system and when it comes from LSI candidates, who come from the right, it becomes an ideological mess, that you don't understand anymore, that they have neither right wing, nor conviction, nor ideology, nor philosophy, but out of trouble they will have to say some miracles that no one believes. For all those who were in Tirana when the tram talk took place, they have understood that we must have serious conversations about serious and feasible issues.