Veliaj from Kavaja: The opposition came and took the votes here and did not appear again 

Veliaj from Kavaja: The opposition came and took the votes here and did not

The political leader of the SP for Tirana District, Erion Veliaj, has ironized the deputies of the Democratic Party and the Freedom Party, who, after receiving the votes, abandoned Kavaja and did not appear again. During the presentation of the candidates for the Municipal Council in Kavaja, Veliaj called on the sympathizers of the opposition to, in these elections, support the SP and its candidate, since unlike the DP and PL, the socialists will never abandon them.

"Who are the opposition MPs in Kavaja?" They took the mandates and left them. Someone went to work on a TV station - very good, good luck, and left the mandate - the other got 300 votes. Do you remember Petrit Vasili with 300 votes? So it has less votes than the smallest school in the village and has forgotten about Kavaja because Kavaja was only needed for those 300 votes. Friends, don't be divided on the left and the right! If you are with the Democratic Party, vote for Redi Krali and the Socialist Party, because they will never run away from office, they will not forget Kavaja, they will be here every day. Therefore, whoever does not vote for the Socialist Party and for Redi Kralin, has cast his vote in vain. He gave it to someone who forgets Kavaja as soon as the elections are over," Veliaj underlined.

He said that Sali Berisha's only problem is being declared "non grata" and not the citizens of Kavaja and Albania. "Those who were in the Municipal Council did not show up for work, those who should run for elections did not come on the day of the vote. Sali Berisha has a problem. His problem is that he has been declared a non-grata person. Sali Berisha's problem is that he cannot surpass Rinas. He is a man who cannot go to the airport, cannot travel. The United States of America and Great Britain have declared him unpopular, unacceptable, persona non-grata. He suffers from this and knows what he is saying, he says let my plight become everyone's plight," said the political leader of the SP for the Tirana region.