Veliaj: The opposition sees Rrogozhina as a pocket they enter once every four years

Veliaj: The opposition sees Rrogozhina as a pocket they enter once every four

The political leader of the SP for the District of Tirana, Erion Veliaj from Rrogozhina, where he presented the candidates for the Municipal Council there, said that as soon as the campaign ends, the opposition will abandon the citizens, as they have always done.

"The campaign will end, the votes will be counted, our victory will come in all five municipalities of the district, and they will 'break the thorn', they will run away as they have always done. Who are the opposition MPs? The list is proportional, there were MPs from both Rrogozhina and Kavaja. Who are? Have you seen them after the election? Etjeni is here, Shpati is here, I'm sure Edison is here every day with his team. This is the difference between those who want the vote to do work, not to fight. If a doctor, an electrician, an engineer, an architect, does not do his work for four years, there is no face to leave the house, and no longer to look for that job. If you are a politician, you can run away from the Parliament for 4 years, as if nothing happened, come back, as if nothing happened, say down this, down that, damn this, curse him and ask for votes again. Meanwhile, a member of the municipal council leaves for four years, from 2019-2023, nothing happens. They are brazen, they come out and make speeches, they say they want votes again", said Veliaj.

"We see it as a great love of the chicks and chicks of this city, who want the vote as an instrument to do these jobs, to make sure that they use the partnership with the government to do jobs and not to open fights or to create enmity with the government. We are not here because we are angry with someone, we are not here because we want to get better with someone. We are here because we love Rrogozhina, we love Tirana, we love Albania, and we want things to be better, not worse, not with hassle, but with work," Veliaj added.