Veliaj for Meta: Serious parties are proud of their name and past, they do not close NIPT; it's the same store, just with a new logo

Veliaj for Meta: Serious parties are proud of their name and past, they do not

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, gave an interview this morning to Bashkim Hoxha. Among other things, the mayor commented on Ilir Meta's new party.

"This story that you work for 30 days, like these people who live in Lalëz, and remember that the elections came now and say: "You will see it in September". Oh? If you were the President of the Republic, why didn't you tell us these things? Ok, they have problems within their party and they have the parties as stores with NIPT numbers, so I close the negative balance of one NIPT and open another one, but it's the same store, just put a new logo on it. These are the problems of shop parties, while serious parties are proud of their name and their past, they do not close the NIPT and open a new NIPT because they have not paid VAT. These people have debts, a "moral tax" to pay to the Albanian public, and instead of paying this moral tax, they close the shutter and open it with another logo. It's the same shop, it's the same political business,

He said that those who lead the two opposition parties today are more isolated than ever.

"It is enough to look at the airport of Rinas, that there is no Albanian left without traveling and without ever leaving Albania, and when you see these two isolated characters and they come as an alternative, it is really a big waste of time. I believe and hope that at least in the campaign they will bring some concrete ideas and we will see who does this work better. The responsibility that I have as the chairman of the Socialist Party for Tirana and as a delegate for the district is that not only in Tirana, but also in Kavajë, Rrogozhinë and Vorë and Kamëz, we show with ideas and with concrete work. After these conversations of ours are over, what is left? Will the gossip remain, will this spirit of division remain, will these threats remain, or will it remain a deed that you have done and will remain there? "Sami Frashëri" will always be there, the Lake will always be there, the Square, the Bazaar, the Castle, Astiri there,