100th anniversary of the 'Harry Fultz' Institute, Veliaj: The event in Texas, a moment of sadness, but also reflection

100th anniversary of the 'Harry Fultz' Institute, Veliaj: The event in

The 100th anniversary of the founding of the "Harry Fultz" Institute has made personalities of the country. Also present at this ceremony was the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, who stressed that the school should be an institution that creates new spaces for thought. Expressing condolences for the lives lost after the attack on a school in Texas, Veliaj stressed that education is what emancipates us as a society.

"Extremely sad news is the news of the attack on a school in Texas. I have not yet had a public opportunity to express my condolences and show solidarity, but it has also been a moment of reflection. Why does someone who is racist, or someone who is homophobic, or a deviant of society, attack schools precisely? Because education is what emancipates us. Education makes us realize that in fact our skin color, our surname, our background, should not be barriers to success. Therefore, while this is a moment of comfort and sadness, it is also a moment of reflection. "Why should we really protect schools with fanaticism, as spaces that make us better, that open our minds", stressed Veliaj.

The Mayor underlined that beyond knowledge and medals, humanism is at the core. "I believe that on the receipts, on the cups, on the awards, on the medals, it is humanism. "It is what in our everyday language we say '' humanity '' and clearly your school had all the technical skills, the knowledge of the time, but above all, it had humanism", declared Veliaj.

The US Ambassador in Tirana, Yuri Kim said that the ties between the United States of America and Albania are stronger today than ever. "The arrival of Harry Fultz and the establishment of diplomatic relations, laid the foundations for a unique relationship between the United States and Albania. A bond that continued, despite the communist dictatorship, and that was renewed in 1991, a bond that today is stronger than ever. This school was not only about teaching technical and professional skills, it was about instilling values ??in Albanian youth, such as a sense of patriotism, discipline and respect for work. All these values ??which students would need to build a new place. "This is a great country and the United States is proud to be your friend."