111 trees from 111 students in the 111th anniversary of Albania's Independence

111 trees from 111 students in the 111th anniversary of Albania's

On the eve of the 111th anniversary of Albania's Independence, 111 students symbolically planted 111 trees in the Martyrs' Cemetery Park. The head of the Municipality of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, who became part of the action for planting trees, said that today a patriot is the one who does not pollute Tirana and Albania, the one who does not build without permission, the one who does not pollute, but contributes for green, which says a good word encouraging others.

"Today we are living our best days, like Tirana, like in Albania. Even as Albanians in the region. I am very grateful when I see small children and schoolchildren, who spend their week off planting 111 trees on one of the most beautiful hills, such as the Martyrs' Cemetery. I really hope that this week of celebrations will be a week of reflection to understand that today we don't have enemies who conquer us, but the biggest obstacles, the biggest stumbling blocks, we make ourselves, Albanians among Albanians, when we don't find the language, when we hinder each other when we try to make the parties rise above the country. Planting trees today is more important! After so many years of democracy, we still cannot come together, beyond political parties and beyond party divisions in the Martyrs' Cemetery or the Liberation of Tirana. It is time to overcome those people who keep us divided and refuse to accept our historical dates, who refuse to let the country move forward with all the speed and energy possible. We will have to leave them behind, so that the country can move forward", said Veliaj.

111 trees from 111 students in the 111th anniversary of Albania's

The mayor added that we should take seriously the expression: "How good it is to be Albanian" and everyone should contribute to their country. "Some have the contribution at the national or city level, but some may have the contribution at the family, neighborhood, class, their school or workplace. If everyone behaves like an Albanian and a good citizen, we have done the nation an extraordinary honor and a great respect," he said.

The director of the Parks and Recreation Agency, Anisa Ruseti, thanked the children of the city for their contribution and underlined that these trees are an added beauty for Tirana. "Within the November holidays, which are the most important holidays of the Albanian nation, we have chosen to add 111 cypress trees to the green crown of Tirana. We chose precisely the memorial park of the Martyrs' Cemetery, as a testimony not only to reflect on those who gave their lives so that today we have this Tirana and this Albania in which we all live, but also adding and giving give young people the feeling that this is a kind of contribution that we must make for future generations", said Ruseti.