Conference League / Mayor Veliaj meets the counterpart of Rome and Rotterdam: Today sport, citizenship and respect must win

Conference League / Mayor Veliaj meets the counterpart of Rome and Rotterdam:

As we are a few minutes away from the grand final of the "Conference Legue" between Rome and Feyenoord at the "Air Albania" stadium, the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj received in office his two counterparts, the mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb and the mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri.
Mayor Veliaj gave the message that today sport, citizenship and respect should win, while he called on the fans of both teams to celebrate in moderation.

"It is a special pleasure that we have become the three mayors together here in Tirana. We want sports to win today, citizenship to win, respect to win. As mayors we are very jealous of our cities. We do not want a branch to be torn, polluted or in conflict. So as mayors very committed to the quality of life and harmony in our cities, we call on all fans who will be part of the celebrations that everything is done in moderation, that everything is beautiful is what occurs sparingly. Mass drinks, mass celebrations, mass shouts and of course respect for the city and the opposing teams. Of course a team will win, but it is very important that beyond the cup are the memories that will remain in life.

The Mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri said that it is a great celebration of sport, friendship and solidarity that should be enjoyed as much as possible.
"It is a great joy for me to be here in Tirana, invited by the mayor, together with the mayor of Rotterdam, in this great celebration of sport, friendship, and solidarity. While I call on all fans to respect the values ??and principles of the sport. Sport is beautiful because it brings people together, and we want it to be a holiday. "We call on the fans to enjoy this beautiful sports holiday as much as possible", concluded Gualtieri.