'Hoxton Academy' graduates first engineers in Information Technology

'Hoxton Academy' graduates first engineers in Information Technology

The digitalization of services, but also the increase of demand in the market, has made many young Albanians orient themselves towards information technology and coding.

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, participated in the graduation ceremony of the first 30 engineers in the software development department of "Hoxton Academy". He said that thanks to the initiatives for digitalization of services, in a few years, Albania is ranked 17th in the world for providing online services.

"A few years ago, we were ashamed to read the reports that ranked us 127th in the world for digital knowledge and for what is called providing online services. The first report a week ago put us 17th - that means it's done! "I believe that this year and next year is the turning point," he said.

Veliaj said that the challenge is to have 10 thousand coders in Tirana. "Today in Tirana we have 4700-4800 coders, but if we reach 10 thousand coders in the next one or two years, it means that 1% of the population of Tirana can serve as the 'yeast' that blows the bread, to perform the necessary overcoming from the call-center to the data-center ", declared Veliaj.

'Hoxton Academy' graduates first engineers in Information Technology

The mayor said that the municipality is negotiating with many well-known coding academies in the world, to bring their experience to Tirana.

"We lost the industrial revolution and we can not do either Audi or Mercedes. It is better to accept this fact and make a leap, to capture the information technology industry. We are negotiating with "Factory Berlin", the place that incubated Soundcloud and Gorillas, etc., and I hope to be allies to capture this goal we have set for ourselves, that 1% of the population of the capital be officially software engineer, coder, because it is the future ", stressed Veliaj.

After six months of training with professors from around the world, who have trained software engineers from prominent companies such as Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Facebook, now the graduates of "Hoxton Academy" are ready to start working with some of the most famous Albanian companies. in the field of software development for the next two years.