The festive tree lights are switched on in the New Market

The festive tree lights are switched on in the New Market

Tirana is all decorated with festive colors and lights, so beloved in the month of December when the whole world celebrates Christmas and New Year.

After the giant tree in Skënderbej Square and the Tirana Castle, the festive lights have been lit this evening also at Pazari i Ri, another attractive and well-visited area in the capital.

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, as has become a tradition every end of the year, together with the children turned on the festive lights of the tree, wishing every cross-towner a prosperous year.

"We have started a very beautiful tradition these past 7 years where we go to every neighborhood of Tirana and make sure that there is joy not only in the square but also in every neighborhood of Tirana. We give a message to all the children of Tirana in these days of joy that the last time of the year has come to be with the children, to give love and to think about all those in need. That's why I would like to appeal here from Pazari i Ri, an area that has been curated with a lot of love, it has been done with a lot of effort, when we work and join forces and when we build our Tirana we can have fantastic spaces like this at Pazari i New," said Veliaj.