The increase in apartment prices, Veliaj: It is lower than in EU countries 

The increase in apartment prices, Veliaj: It is lower than in EU countries

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, spoke today about the increase in apartment prices in the capital. He says that this has happened, but it should not be treated as something bad, but as good news because today's citizens value their property more than before.

"It is true that the price of an apartment has increased in Tirana, either to buy or to rent. But is that a bad thing? 93% of Tirana's citizens actually own their homes. This means that for these 93% this is very, very good news. Each of you has become richer and has directly benefited from the development of the city, because you have an apartment or a property that is worth more today than yesterday," says Veliaj.

He explained that the pace of property value growth has gone parallel to the economic growth in our country. "Is the increase in prices in Tirana extraordinary? Did he get it for nothing? Is it inflated by the money of the crime and the kind of attack that is done by these all-rounders? In fact, the figures show that the progress of the property value increase in Tirana is fully consistent with the progress of the economic growth," declared the mayor.

Veliaj emphasizes the fact that the increase in housing prices in the capital is lower than the average of this increase in prices in European countries:

"In the EU, in the last 10 years, the price of housing has increased by 50% on average. For the same period, the average price in Tirana has increased by 34%. It means that we are at a lower growth rate than the rest of Europe."

The transformation and urbanization of Tirana, added Veliaj, is in accordance with the urban plan and the vision to create a city that has the ambition to be not only the capital of Albania, but also of the entire region, as was the year of Youth, the Year of Sports and next year the Presidency of B40.

“Tirana sot është kthyer në një qytet që mirëpret mijëra turistë. Vetëm në vitin 2022 që lamë pas, ne pritëm mbi 4 milionë turistë dhe evente të jashtëzakonshme, si finalja e Conference League, koncertet e Rita Orës dhe Dua Lipës, Samiti i 27 vendeve të BE dhe Ballkanit Perëndimor. Të gjitha këto nuk do ishin realizuar dot nëse në Tiranë nuk do të kishim një shesh të madh, një stadium serioz, objekte publike, apo dhe ndërtesa të larta moderne, private, si hotelet me pesë yje që po konturojnë Tiranën dhe që mund të akomodojnë numra të tillë turistësh,” argumentoi Veliaj.

He said that construction is one of the sectors that contributes more to the national and Tirana economy and employs 100,000 people. While, he did not leave without mentioning the 9% tax of the value of investment in construction, which goes to increase the budget of the Municipality and more investments for the citizens.