Online services / Veliaj and Minister Çuçi in Unit 8: Digital revolution for the services provided by the municipality

Online services / Veliaj and Minister Çuçi in Unit 8: Digital

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj and the Minister of Interior, Bledi Çuçi were today in the offices of the Civil Status in Unit No. 8 in Tirana, to get acquainted with the closure of physical counters, after switching to online services. As of May 1, the civil status offices in Tirana have switched to online communication and service for citizens, while only a small part of the counters are still open to provide mainly services that can not be provided remotely.

"In Tirana we have passed from 60 to 20 physical counters. The plan is to do a reassessment at the beginning of the year to see if the remaining counters can be reduced, depending on how the units have performed. Our urban units have moved a little faster, while rural units may take a little longer. Our surveys and observations showed us that a citizen spent 10 working days in a row at the counters. Therefore, going online is a great salvation for the citizens ", said Veliaj.

The mayor said that those physical counters that will remain are valid for services such as marriages, deaths or birth registrations, which do not bring queues.

"Some physical services will remain with counters. They are so few in number that there is no need for queues anymore. In the whole city of Tirana there are 10-12 celebrations or loss of life per day - these are services that need a physical presence - we add here the foreign citizens who receive Albanian citizenship and have to swear, all together can make 100 cases per week, which is more than affordable. "This is a real digital revolution and we can not wait to unify some of the municipal services," he said.

"Among the main public services are also 8 Civil Status services that have gone online. Some specific services are still provided at physical counters because required by law and we must enforce the legal obligation. As you can see since May 1 these corridors are empty. While here the morning was full of people coming for services. It was a waste of time. Today, services are received from a mobile phone or computer ", said Minister Çuçi.

He further indicated that work is being done to also pass online the part of services provided by municipalities across the country. "Together we will start working very soon because as we did with the services of the central government we will switch to local services throughout the country. This will be a very important undertaking to totally relieve the citizen from the time he spends in state offices ", stressed the Minister of Interior.