Veliaj thanks the residents of Unit 12 and Dajti: The victory came because we work every day as if it were a campaign

Veliaj thanks the residents of Unit 12 and Dajti: The victory came because we

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, at the next stop of the thank-you tour for the May 14 vote, met with the residents of Ward 12 and the Dajti area, to whom he expressed his gratitude for their support and declared that the victory came only thanks to daily work.

"I don't want to remind the other side that I'm actually very proud that we beat them, but when they try to look for the culprit, the culprit can have a name and in their analysis they can find the name wherever they want, but I know tell you who the winner is. The winner is that force, that group of people, that family that is not only remembered during the days of the campaign, but that has the campaign everyday. This is the explanation of our victory, the fact that we have been with people day and night, with sun, rain, earthquakes, pandemics and people do not forget this. Therefore, my invitation is to continue the same success formula that has worked so far, to be with the people every day, to work for the people every day," said Veliaj.

The mayor also mentioned the expensive campaign of the opposition. "When it came to the campaign, compared to 30 days of luxury, with stadiums, with screens, phones and concerts, with buses and trucks, with taxis, everything for free, with planes, people said: "Wait a minute, where were these? After 30 days, they had a lot of money!". Our humble campaign shouted louder, not that there were more phones, but our works spoke louder than all the phones, lighting and screens put together, because people don't forget the feeling you give them when you're with them every day - not when you come the meal for votes - but when you promise every day as if it were the last day of the campaign, because for us every day is a campaign", he emphasized.