Veliaj: We are opening the competition for the transformation of the Sports Palace "Asllan Rusi" and the stadium "Selman Stermasi"

Veliaj: We are opening the competition for the transformation of the Sports

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, who was at the new Olympic Athletics Track in the Artificial Lake Park, has stated that the "Asllan Rusi" Sports Palace and the "Selman Stermasi" stadium will be the next investments for sports.

"We will open several competitions to transform extremely precious sports spaces of our city. The first race will be for the "Asllan Rusi" Sports Palace. We cannot have an airplane hangar, that what falls outside goes inside, just as we had a theater made of sawdust, we cannot have a sports palace made of plywood. The Sports Palace should be exactly an arena. As we have "National Arena" for foot games, there will be "National Arena" for hand games, volleyball and basketball. Tomorrow it can also be used for concerts, as it happens everywhere in the world. With a mini investment that we have made in the Olympic Park in the "Feti Borova" hall, it has given life to the city. Imagine having a national professional arena, especially in the city of Tirana at "Asllan Rusi", said Veliaj.

The Mayor of Tirana added that "Selman Sermasi" will not only be a stadium for football, but will also serve athletes.

"There we will try to reflect a little on the way we did things in the past, where football was given 100% of attention. There we have an opportunity to use it for athletics as well. We will maintain the football field and we will also include the athletics part in the competition criteria from the beginning. We will make sure that as the "National Arena" has turned into an "acupuncture", i.e. a pinnacle in the "body" of the city that has brought more businesses, increased the value of the property in this entire area by the lake, in Korpusi, as well and "Selman Stermasi" can be transformed into a fantastic space with the same scheme as "Arena Kombëtare" worked, which despite all the contradictions today is a success story," concluded Veliaj.