Veliaj on Eid Day: For a mayor, the biggest ally is the believer

Veliaj on Eid Day: For a mayor, the biggest ally is the believer

Erion Veliaj congratulated today all Muslim believers on the day of Eid al-Fitr. Accompanied by the Prefect of Tirana, Afrim Qëndro, Veliaj gave a meeting at the headquarters of the Albanian Muslim Community, from where he conveyed his congratulations to the head of this community, Bujar Spahiu.

Eid is a day that invites an infinity of believers, so much so that the "Skanderbeg" square seems small. I feel good about the spirit of solidarity and I am very proud of the Muslim community, of the Muslims of Tirana. There has not been an administrative unit that has not laid an iftar for the impossible, or that has not delivered food packages. "Today we will be in some new houses that are donated to those who are most in need", said Veliaj.

He said that for a mayor, the biggest ally is the believer, while he considered sacred this alliance in the city of Tirana.

"For a mayor, for a city administrator, the biggest ally is the believer. The believer does not pollute, does not insult, does not break, does not vandalize, does not cut down a tree, does not throw garbage in the river or lake, and I consider it a sacred alliance of the city with the faith because a city full of believers is a city of full of capital and I am very grateful for that ", said Veliaj.

"Whoever has made a donation - some may have made great gifts such as the very beautiful new mosque in Mullet for that community of Mullet, Petrela, the hilly area of ??Tirana - thank you very much if possible. I thank those who have done less just as much because each is not measured by the amount of gift he has given, but by what he has given from the heart and from the opportunity he has. I am today full of pride and gratitude. I wish you all a happy holiday and just like this rain today, even with the blessings, for the good of all the families of the citizens of Tirana and all of Albania ", said Veliaj.