Veliaj: Reconstruction has housed 500 families in Tirana, another 100 are expected to enter '5 May'

Veliaj: Reconstruction has housed 500 families in Tirana, another 100 are

Tirana has sheltered 500 families whose homes were destroyed by the November 26 earthquake, while another 100 will enter the "5 Maji" neighborhood, which is being rebuilt from scratch and designed by Italian architect Stefano Boeri. Mayor Erion Veliaj said in an interview with Klan News that the Reconstruction process continues with fast steps for as many families as possible to celebrate this New Year in new apartments.

"We have finished with about 500 houses that are individual apartments, type villas 1 + 1, 2 + 1, or 3 + 1, an extraordinary number that is mainly rural. Another part preferred to receive the cash, so we also made the disbursement for these families. As we draw lots on Monday for the first 100 families to get a house in "5 Maji", a neighborhood designed by Stefano Boeri, that in Milan people dream of getting a house in the palaces of Stefano Boer, we are already giving free for those who were damaged by the earthquake, "said Veliaj.

The mayor made this statement immediately after the lights of the Christmas tree in the capital were turned on, which also lit up the atmosphere of the end-of-year holidays.

"It's time to celebrate! These two years we have learned that life is more important, love is more important, being close to each other is more important. And I strongly believe that this end of the year after a difficult year of earthquake, pandemic, a year of reconstruction and vaccination it is time to celebrate, enjoy life, enjoy our family, hug each other and realize that there are many things that unite us compared to the things that divide us, "said Veliaj.