Statements from Tirana/Osmani: You are either on the side of Ukraine, or on the side of Russia. Vucic: We are an independent country and we are close to Russia

Statements from Tirana/Osmani: You are either on the side of Ukraine, or on the

The leaders of the Western Balkans and the presidents of the Council of Europe arrived first, and were received by Rama in front of the Air Albania stadium. Immediately after the meeting with Rama, the President of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani spoke to the media as she said that today is not the place to talk about the negotiations with Serbia. She emphasized Kosovo's position against Russian and pro-EU aggression.

"I am here as the leader of one of the most pro-European countries. We have shown this in actions when it comes to pro-EU actions. We condemned the Russian aggression. We need the EU to move from words to deeds, such as visa liberalization for the EU. This is a meeting between the EU and the Western Balkans, not negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia. It is a process we believe in mutual recognition. We will lobby to move forward to convey strong messages of the Western Balkans. You are either with Russia or with Ukraine, and that should count. This is the signal that the EU will send a clear message to the Western Balkans. Vucic is the continuation of an old mindset. What Kosovo is showing these days is the opposite of what Vucic is showing, extending his hand for dialogue. Although they have not apologized for the war crimes", said Osmani.

Meanwhile, Vucic, who arrived immediately after Osman, emphasized that Serbia is an independent country, close to Russia. He said that they will continue the dialogue with the EU, but in accordance with national interests.

"We decided to come to discuss all issues. We remain committed to the issue of dialogue and negotiations with the EU. We must protect our state interests in accordance with our Constitution. I am a realist and I am here to learn from many people, the Europeans and in the end to explain Serbia's position and I believe we will receive good news. The EU wants greater harmonisation. This means that it is important to get the support of the EU. These are good signs for all our countries. I believe today we will hear about the EU strategy for the future. The EU has demanded full harmonization, Serbia is an independent country, we know our obligations. We have a different situation regarding the territorial integrity of Serbia in '99. Serbia is very close to Russia, Serbia is an independent country, if someone says that we are close to Russia, it is a reason to criticize someone when you have nothing to say. It is easy to expose all kinds of accusations of falsehood, fake news, but the truth comes out. Serbia is an independent country, it is on the path of the EU," said Vucic.