Tensions in the north of Kosovo also call into question the partial elections

Tensions in the north of Kosovo also call into question the partial elections

The president and the government of Kosovo said on Wednesday that they are awaiting an assessment of the security situation by the responsible bodies before taking any decision regarding the process of local government elections in the northern municipalities of the country inhabited by a Serbian majority, leaving open the possibility of their postponement after the previous day's incidents in the area.

In a response from the office of the president of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, it is said that in case there is a request for postponing the elections, she will consult with the political subjects and then make the decision.

The Government of Kosovo said that holding the elections is a constitutional obligation, while emphasizing that it is awaiting the assessment of the situation in the north by the security bodies for further actions.

Yesterday's incidents in the municipality of North Mitrovica and Zubin Potok in the north inhabited by Serbian majority happened while the police were accompanying the officials of the Central Election Commission in the process of opening the municipal commissions for the elections for the mayors of the four municipalities that have been set for the date December 18. Groups of Serbian citizens prevented the opening of the offices of the Municipal Election Commissions while the police reported shootings and explosions, but no casualties.

The incidents raised concern about the risk of escalation of the situation in the area.

The American ambassador in Pristina, Jeff Hovenier, said that "the use of violence and intimidation, including the use of an explosive device and endangering lives, is never an appropriate method of protest under any circumstances."

In a post on social networks, he wrote that the United States "is concerned that the conditions have not been created at the moment for elections to be held later this month in the north of Kosovo", while underlining that the safety of all citizens should be a priority .

The head of the EULEX mission in Kosovo, Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, said that "any protests must be peaceful and everyone must keep calm and show restraint", while underlining that his mission will observe the situation in coordination with closely with the Kosovo police and KFOR.

Autoritetet në Kosovë i cilësuan incidentet sulme të organizuara nga bandat kriminale që veprojnë në veriun e vendit me mbështetjen e Serbisë.

Ndërsa zyrtarë të Serbisë akuzuan autoritetet në Prishtinë për siç thanë vazhdimin e terrorit ndaj serbëve.

Komisioni Qendror i Zgjedhjeve bëri të mërkurën tërheqjen e shortit për renditjen e subjekteve politike për zgjedhjet e jashtëzakonshme për kryetar të katër komunave në veriun e Kosovës, si dhe për zgjedhjet e parakohshme të 25 dhjetorit për Kuvendet Komunale të dy syresh.

Ndonëse Kosova dhe Serbia arritën një pajtim për targat më 23 nëntor, që ishte edhe shkasi i largimit të serbëve nga institucionet nuk pati ndonjë pajtim rreth kthimit të tyre në institucione, ndërsa procesi zgjedhor po bojkotohet nga Lista Serbe që është subjekti kryesor i serbëve të Kosovës që ka mbështetjen e Beogradit dhe ka mbajtur pushtetin në të gjitha komunat me shumicë serbe.

Bashkimi Evropian po u bën thirrje Kosovës dhe Serbisë të veprojnë në mënyrë evropiane dhe të përqendrohen në arritjen e një marrëveshje normalizimi në bazë të propozimit që u bë i njohur si nisma franko-gjermane, e mbështetur edhe nga Shtetet e Bashkuara.

The former mediator of the European Union in the Kosovo-Serbia talks, Robert Cooper said in an interview for the Serbian service of the Voice of America that he has the impression that neither side is ready for an agreement.

"They don't see that there is any particular danger in it and it doesn't bother them. And somehow they enjoy it, get attention and complain about it in the media making strong statements that they will never give up. Everyone shows how strong they are. But by failing to reach an agreement, they actually show how powerless they are," said Mr Cooper.

The European Union is trying to secure a high-level meeting between Kosovo and Serbia to discuss the agreement for the normalization of relations between them in the coming weeks.