5 reasons why you may feel drowsy during the day

5 reasons why you may feel drowsy during the day
Do you feel tired in the morning, even when you get enough sleep at night? If it happens to you often there is probably a simple explanation you do not sleep well. Poor sleep can impair digestion, lower blood sugar, worsen mood and cause headaches.

In this article there are several reasons that cause you to be drowsy.

Eating very close to bedtime

Studies have shown that eating food in the late hours of the night can slow down digestion and metabolism, leading to drowsiness, acid reflux and weight gain.

Set a convenient dinner schedule at least 3-4 hours before bedtime.

Use of electronic devices before bedtime

Exposure to blue light disrupts sleep because it blocks a hormone called "Melatonin" which is responsible for drowsiness. Blue light or natural light can affect this condition which is otherwise called "circadian rhythm". This is why it is important not to use electronic devices like phone, laptop, TV at least 1 hour before bedtime.

Intense training at night

High-intensity or energetic exercise can stimulate your nervous system by releasing adrenaline and not letting your body temperature cool down. This can delay sleep for most people. If you fall into this category, it is best to avoid exercise at least 1-2 hours before bedtime. Relaxed walks or soft yoga are better options if you want to be on the go.

Alcohol consumption

Alcohol in small amounts has sedative effects, but excessive consumption causes poor sleep quality. Consumption of alcohol very close to bedtime also increases the risk of sleep apnea by 25%. People with sleep apnea tend to be snoring at night.

In addition to these things, a good night's sleep is also affected by what you do when you are awake. Make sure you have an active lifestyle and get some sunlight in the morning.

Caffeine after 15:00 should be avoided for those suffering from sleep apnea and insomnia. Using some products like lavender essential oils, chamomile tea and magnesium or melatonin supplements may be helpful for severe sleep disorders but not the main solution.