Which fruits are low in sugar? 

Frutat përmbajnë dy lloje sheqeri: fruktozë dhe glukozë. Pra, cilat fruta kanë pak sheqer?

Which fruits are low in sugar?

Fruits are a healthy way to add essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and water to your diet. Some fruits, including mangoes, grapes and bananas, have a higher content of natural sugars (fructose) than others.

If you're looking to control your sugar intake or are on a low-sugar or low-carb diet, you may find it helpful to know how much sugar is in your fruit.

While fruit can be a nutrient-dense addition to a healthy, balanced diet, many people are unaware that different fruits contain different amounts of sugar.

Fruits such as grapefruit, apples, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries are low in sugar, while mangoes, cherries, watermelon, bananas and grapes are all relatively high in natural sugar.