How to take care of your mental health / 8 activities that take 5 minutes to practice 

How to take care of your mental health / 8 activities that take 5 minutes to

Try one of these methods suggested by therapists and see your mood improve very quickly.

Lighten your mental load.

"Spend five minutes thinking about what you can remove from your brain today, or even this week," said Neha Chaudhary, a psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. "As much as you can ease your load. mental, the more freedom you will feel and the thoughts that stress you out will go away.

Try a breathing exercise.

Deep breathing is a simple habit that helps cultivate consciousness, also known as the practice of being present. Awareness can help calm your busy mind, improve your mood, and reduce any tension you may experience.

Listen to your favorite song

If there is more than one song that makes you feel good, create a playlist with all your favorite songs. You can dance while listening to your favorite music. The movement will release endorphins, which increase happiness.

Start a diary.

Tell your good or bad experiences in a journal. This practice will help you relax and increase your awareness.

Go for a walk.

Physical activity can do wonders for your mental health. Although you may not have time for an entire workout routine, you can take a walk in five minutes or less.

A short walk can help restore your mind.

Make a "thank you" list.

If negative thoughts are bothering you, take some time to focus on what you are grateful for. This can feel soothing as it helps you feel happy and increases self-esteem.

Practice self-compassion.

Do not be too harsh with yourself. Do not let your inner voice criticize and judge you. Practice self-compassion and be gentle with yourself.