Amber speaks for the first time after the trial, cold thinking about the jury but does not hide his fury towards the media

Amber speaks for the first time after the trial, cold thinking about the jury

For the first time since the most famous trial, in which Johnny Depp, his ex-wife, Amber Heard triumphed, he speaks publicly for the first time for "NBC News" in an interview with Savannah Guthrie.

Amber Heard has addressed the role of the media and the latter's favoritism for Johnny Depp, saying: "You can not tell me he thinks he was right."

In the period in which the trial took place, Johnny Depp has received all the attention of the internet, especially on Twitter, YouTube and TikTok.

A very large number of users were on his side, also creating a dedicated hashtag #justiceforjohnnydepp.

Amber supporters did the same, with the hashtag #justiceforamberheard.

The one who supported Johnny has reached 20 billion views, compared to #justiceforamberheard which has reached 80 million clicks.

"Even someone who is sure that I deserve all this hatred, even if he thinks I'm lying, still can not look me in the eye and tell me that the media has made a fair coverage of the situation," said the actress .

Heard has highlighted all this support of Depp, which according to her had a huge impact on the court decision.

She also referred to the jury verdict, saying that she understands the court decision very well, and knows that Johnny is a very dear character to the people.

"He is a fantastic actor," said Amber, while justifying the jury's decision.

"I do not blame them. In fact, I understand them. "He is a very lovable character and people feel like they know him," said Amber, referring to her ex-husband.

The lawsuit between the two sides has received worldwide attention, including in a storm of thoughts and opinions the internet and celebrities, thanks to details that came to light from the various testimonies of Amber and Johnny.