Video / Half face paralyzed, Justin Bieber: Pray for me!

Video / Half face paralyzed, Justin Bieber: Pray for me!

Justin Bieber has suffered facial paralysis. For this reason he has canceled all the concerts he had for this week.

Justin even had the courage to appear in a video on Instagram, where he asked fans to pray for him.

"As you can see, this eye is not pulsating. You can not smile on this side of my face ... So there is complete paralysis on this side of my face ", said the one who explained that he was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

Ramsay Hunt syndrome occurs when a herpes outbreak affects the facial nerve and causes this condition.

"This is a virus that attacks the nerve in my ear and my facial nerves cause this paralysis. I am not physically able to hold my concerts. This is very serious, as you can see. I wish it weren’t so, but, obviously, my body is telling me I need to slow down. I hope you understand me. I will use this time only to rest, relax, and return to my one hundred percent. Pray for me! ”

Bieber added that he is doing exercises for the face, to return to normal, but he does not know how long it will take to recover.