The 29-year-old who works 3 hours a day but earns 2 million dollars a year

The 29-year-old who works 3 hours a day but earns 2 million dollars a year

In the CV we always write that we have "basic" or "average" knowledge in Excel, even though we have no idea about the program. The truth is that not many people know about the program. Advanced Excel formulas can seem quite complex, which is why we often end up watching a "tutorial" on YouTube, despite having "average" knowledge.

One of those people who knows how to work with Excel very well is Kat Norton, who is known as "Miss Excel" on social networks. Thanks to her lessons on TikTok, the 29-year-old American earns $2 million a year.

"I posted the first video on my account, Miss Excel, in June 2020," she told CNBC. While still living with her parents and heavily in college debt, Norton decided to open a TikTok account. One of her videos went viral and quickly gained over 100,000 followers. Later, she launched an Excel course on her website.

Surprisingly, the income she generated from the course exceeded the salary she earned as a full-time management consultant, so she decided to quit her job and pursue Excel training. She created nine more courses and in October 2021 had $100,000 in profits in just one day.

Today, the 29-year-old earns $2 million a year: "I always wanted to help my mom retire early, and this year, with my financial support, she was able to quit her job as a hospital receptionist."

But what is Norton's working day like? "I start work around noon. My home is equipped with fast Wi-Fi, an office and a content recording studio, which makes it a great place to work remotely. Mondays are dedicated to more creative tasks. On Tuesdays, I go through a to-do list like filming content, editing social media posts, and organizing 60-minute Excel trainings for my corporate partners. I make sure to schedule breaks between tasks to recover. This helps me to be more efficient and only work 15 to 20 hours a week."