American journalist: You read the Bible to us enough!

American journalist: You read the Bible to us enough!

An explosion of well-known American presenter and journalist Ana Kasparian, talking about religion and abortion, has resurfaced and gone viral on social media after the Supreme Court turned American society half a century after the abolition of the right to abortion.

Through a short but emotional speech Kasparian says that he is not at all interested in religion, the Bible and all those who believe in it. But she says she would also fight for their rights to religious freedom, while on the other hand no one can impose this belief, or interpretations of the law based on this belief. "I have every right to do what I want with my body and you have no right to tell me what I should or should not do," is the essence of the journalist's message.

Ana Kasparian's full comment:

This comment may be harsh but it shows on what I really feel. I do not care that you are a Christian. I do not care what the Bible says. It just seems to me a ridiculous show to sit here and try to decipher what the holy book says about such political issues.

I do not care that you are a Christian. And I will even fight for you to be guaranteed religious rights and freedoms, to practice your religion because I believe it is right.

But I do not believe in Christianity, which means that you do not have to dictate to me how I live my life, based only on your faith. I do not want to know what Bilbla says. You have every right in the world and all women who identify with your faith also have every right not to have an abortion or family planning, but they have no right to dictate my life and what I decide to do with my body. tim.

I do not care at all that heck of your faith. I'm so tired of all these discussions about what the bible says. You can live if you want to in the way the Bible defines it. Again, your case does not belong to me.

But you do not have to take the Bible and say to me: "The Bible says, in this chapter ...", I do not care at all. I do not believe and I have every right guaranteed by the Constitution of this country not to believe it.

Who is Ana Kasparian?

Kasparian is the co-presenter and producer of The Young Turks (TYT), a YouTube news show with over 2.4 million subscribers and 45 million monthly subscribers, according to Forbes. The magazine named Kasparian in the list of new leaders, entrepreneurs and stars under 30 'in 2016.

The Los Angeles-born Kasparian is the child of two Armenian immigrant parents. She began her career in journalism as a production assistant for CBS Radio before eventually switching to The Young Turks, a program created by commentator Cenk Uygur and considered to be progressive and left-wing.