The survivor of Otranto returns and demands justice

The survivor of Otranto returns and demands justice

Viron Xhavara is one of the survivors of the Tragedy of Otranto. On the Kateri i Rada ship that sank in the Strait of Otranto on March 28, 1997, he lost his entire family. He lost his wife and three children: two 4-year-old twins and a 9-year-old daughter.

Viron Xhavara restarted his life after the tragedy, in America, but the hostage is the missing justice.

In an interview via Skype from the USA, Rudina Dzhunga tells how the incident happened. It tells of the Italian ship calling out: Stop, stop, stop. "We continued, they had no business. We were in our waters", says Xhavara.

Xhavara demands justice for his family, whom he himself came from Italy to take, to reunite where he lived and worked, in emigration.

He wants to be held accountable because as he says, it wasn't just a drowning. It was an attack by an Italian ship, in Albanian waters.

In Otranto, 83 Albanians lost their lives out of 142 people on board.