Writer Elif Shafak reacts to abortion: How much is being lost towards the rights of women and minorities

Writer Elif Shafak reacts to abortion: How much is being lost towards the rights

Well-known writer Elif Shafak raises the alarm about the steps that society is taking on some rights which were gained with a lot of effort decades ago while today they are slowly losing their power.

Referring specifically to the abortion issue that brought back the great debate in America on what could happen if this right is taken away from women and girls today after a legal initiative there, academic and human rights activist Elif Shafak says that if this happens would be really sad for today society.

"We do not have the luxury of remaining silent. We need to talk, raise our voices and do it now. If we do not defend women's rights now, tomorrow may be too late. "If we enjoy these rights today, we enjoy them because others have fought for us before," appeals the well-known Turkish-French writer.

But Shafak says it is not just about the abortion issue. According to her, women today are being stripped of one by one some rights that guaranteed gender equality so much demanded even today.

"There is a strong backlash against women's rights and gender equality. The debate on abortion must be seen in this context. It runs parallel to the loss of democracy, the loss of respect for pluralism and diversity. One thing is clear: whenever democracy is eroded, the first rights that will be taken away will be the rights of women and the rights of minorities, ”she notes.

Elif Shafak is known for her successful novels in France and everywhere in Europe, including by the Albanian reader. She writes in Turkish and English and has published 16 books, among which, The Istanbul Bastard, The Forty Rules of Love, The Three Daughters of Eve, etc. Her books have been translated into 49 world languages ??and she is the winner of the prestigious Knight of the Order of Art and Letters award.