Conference League final, Veliaj: Roma will play almost at home

Conference League final, Veliaj: Roma will play almost at home

The final of the Conference League that will take place on May 25 in Tirana has aroused interest from the European media. The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj has given an interview for the famous Italian radio New Sound Level, in the program "IL DIABOLICO E IL DIVINO", which is directed by the son of the great Brazilian football player and former star of Rome, Falcao, Giuseppe Falcao .

The interview was later published by the largest sports newspapers in Italy, such as Gazzetta dello Sport, Corriere dello Sport, etc.

- How are you preparing for this extraordinary event?

We have thought about three fan zones, one in a central park in Tirana, which will be the Rome fan zone, one at the Pedestrian, which will be for Feyenoord fans, as well as a mixed fan zone. Fan - The mixed zone is for families, for those who do not go to the stadium and want to see the game on the big screens. There will be large screens even for those who do not have tickets. Tirana, as well as border cities, are already booked; we will have a lot of Italian fans and friends. "On that day there will be more than a hundred flights and it will be a wonderful holiday."

- What is expected from this match?

I will be here with Mayor Gualtieri and I think Rome is a bit favored because in this city everyone speaks Italian quite well. The square where the stadium is located is called "Italy" square and the stadium was designed by an Italian architect, Marco Casamonti, the same architect who built the Udinese stadium. Roma will play almost at home and this, of course, gives an advantage.

- Will Tirana cheer for Rome?

Eh, I think yes, we have the Albanian Prime Minister who is an ultras of Italy, he is with Juventus, but when an Italian team plays here in Albania, the fan always becomes for him. Rome will feel at home, I think Rome will succeed. Tirana is the most connected city with Italy, after Rome and Milan. For many Italians, it is cheaper to come here on the weekends than to stay home, because you can eat and drink like in Italy, at a third of the price. There are 25,000 Italians living in Tirana and some go back and forth, with low cost flights and I am convinced that whoever comes, will fall in love at first sight. I think Rome will succeed.

- Në të kaluarën, në Romë, tifozët e Feyenoord kanë krijuar probleme sa i përket rendit dhe qetësisë publike, duke prishur edhe një monoment të rëndësishëm të qytetit. Si po përgatiteni për të përballuar çdo trazirë?

Policët shqiptarë do të bashkëpunojnë me policët italianë dhe holandezë. Jemi gati të përballemi edhe me tifozët më ngatërrestarë holandezë. Gjatë këtyre ditëve kanë ardhur policë italianë dhe holandezë për të trajnuar policinë tonë. Kemi foto të të gjithë tifozëve të rrezikshëm, kemi persona që do të kujdesen dhe vullnetarë që kanë menaxhuar tashmë ngjarje të rëndësishme si vizita e Papës apo koncerte shumë të rëndësishme. Në të kaluarën ka pasur episode të këqija, por ne jemi të përgatitur edhe për tifozët më ngatërrestarë holandezë”.

- A keni bashkëpunuar me UEFA-n për organizimin e kësaj dite?

Ata na ndihmuan me eksperiencën e tyre dhe i kanë shitur biletat, të tjerat i kemi bërë ne. Do të jetë një paraqitje e mirë dhe një festë e mrekullueshme. Vetëm biletat u menaxhuan nga UEFA, ndërsa pjesa tjetër u menaxhua nga ana jonë. Ne e shpallëm si ditë feste. Për të shmangur trafikun, do të jetë një ditë pa makina për të ndihmuar në fluksin e tifozëve. UEFA na ka ndihmuar shumë në organizimin e këtij eventi. Ne arrijmë që t’i mësojmë shpejt gjërat, por ata kanë një eksperiencë shumë të rëndësishme për ne. Jam i sigurt se do të bëjmë përshtypje të mirë dhe se do të jetë një festë shumë e bukur”.

- A keni folur me dikë nga AS Roma?

We spoke with Roma and Roma Cares, with whom we will organize an activity for victims of domestic violence, even after the event. We had contacts to organize a gala before the match. What I liked is that not only a representative from Rome came here, but also a representative from Rome Cares, which is a charity. Their charity continues even after the match, we work with men and families where there has been domestic violence and I am very pleased that we are moving this process forward. Violence is wrong in every aspect, in football and in life, and we are planning to set up social centers to help the victims of these families, with football schools for children and psychological support for women and men who are victims of violence.