UEFA ticket sales for the match at "Air Albania" are accompanied by controversy

UEFA ticket sales for the match at "Air Albania" are accompanied by

Feyenoord fans will be almost invisible at the "Air Albania" stadium in the final of the Conference League. The Dutch team will not have their support due to the stagnation created with the ticket sales schedule on the official UEFA website yesterday at noon, where within two hours all the tickets that were bought en masse by the Albanian citizens who have priority in cases where a confrontation takes place in their place.

The internationals had communicated another schedule to the Feyenoord club who could not notify their fans to buy these tickets. Therefore, his many supporters were left without access to "Air Albania" for May 25, when the final of the Conference League is played.

The club issued an official statement today, explaining that UEFA had apologized for this and had explained that most of the tickets had been bought by Albanian fans, whom Feynord thinks are supporters of Rome.


"There will be no other ticket sales for the Conference League final as all tickets for the match between Rome and Feyenoord on May 25 in Tirana are sold out.

Feyenoord was briefed by UEFA at a meeting today. In this conversation, UEFA apologized for the fact that on its website for the sale of 8500 tickets yesterday was set at 14:00, instead of being placed 12:00. As a result, our supporters failed to be present yesterday, with Feyenoord appealing to UEFA asking to redo the entire sale process. The latter can not be done by UEFA and Feyenoord finds it impossible to force him despite receiving legal advice on the matter.

During the meeting with Feyenoord, UEFA clarified that not notifying the clubs involved about the date and time of sale of 8500 tickets in this case is something permanent and a procedure done conscientiously, as this sale has as primary objective the host country and its residents. According to UEFA, this has been successful, as in the end, 89% of the tickets went to Albanian buyers and 11% to buyers from a total of 20 other countries. "This means that supporters of Rome, unlike those of Feyenoord, have managed to buy tickets en masse."