How the documents were falsified and the number of delegates in the ALF increased

How the documents were falsified and the number of delegates in the ALF

The Criminal Court of Tirana yesterday suspended Armand Duka from acting as president of the Albanian Football Federation. But for what violation was this measure taken by the court?

From the investigations of the prosecutor Artan Gjermeni so far it has resulted that in some of the files of the teams there is a smaller number of federated players compared to the one declared in the "Comet" system, which is the system that is taken as a basis regarding the generation of official data on the active number of federated players.

The number of federated players is determined according to the statute of FSHF and SHRFT for the representation in the general assembly by the delegates of each association or member club. Specifically, pursuant to Article 28, point 4 of the SHRFT statute, it is stated that "... each delegate has at least 1 vote in the general assembly. For the purpose of representation, each member will be attributed by a delegate for "every 100 licensed players who participate in regional competitions of all levels. Only delegates present have the right to vote. Voting by proxy or letter of representation is not allowed ...".


As the number of players federated under the "Comet" system does not correspond to the actual one in the club files, there is a reasonable suspicion that players who do not have the relevant cards in the team files may have been fictitiously added / registered. The request for the suspension measure was made by the Tirana Prosecutor's Office. The report is based on the illegal actions taken in the procedure of electing Krenar Alimehmeti as president of the Tirana Association.