Sport will not know about politics! And the names that Luiza Gega thanked

Sport will not know about politics! And the names that Luiza Gega thanked

The speech of the European Champion in Athletics, Luiza Gega, at the ceremony held at the Prime Minister's Office:

"Today I feel more excited than ever, I decided to come with red and black colors because I feel prouder than ever. Not for what I achieved, but I wanted to show Europe that we can. We are a small country, but with work we can make it.

The family has sacrificed a lot, I believe I managed to make them proud.

I thank my coach, without whom I would not be here today, not even at the top of Europe.

I feel more appreciated than ever. Sport requires passion, but financial support is also important to move ahead.

Sport will not know about politics. We feel the pride of our country, we want to make our country as proud as possible.

I thank Briken, Izmir, Erkandi for motivating me with your achievements and supporting me as part of the sport.

Thank you Amarda from American Hospital for helping me when I was injured.

I want to go back in time a little because I want to tell in a few words how our journey started.

I participated in the European championship 12 years ago. I came from the bottom and with a margin. I had never felt so bad. My conversation with the coach was that I will never represent my country in this form. There was the separation of what I wanted to do. If I wanted to present it I had to work hard. The road was not easy, I trained in the rain, in the cold. We started to make not big, but sure steps.

I started breaking national records, dominating the Balkans, then at the Mediterranean Games.

I decided not to give up. I had offers to continue with other countries. But I love this place. I believe that our country will change.

It is never too late if you work hard and you will succeed. I felt a lot of emotions on the Munich circuit, despite being a contender. It was the reason why I wanted the medal, to show Europe on a track with 70 thousand people that we can do it.

I want to say just two words to all young people: They can make it! I wish that I have motivated them even a little, with all the difficulties that I mentioned today.

I thank all the people in my country who have felt proud of me, I have received messages from everyone".