UEFA changes the rules, no more astronomical figures for football stars

UEFA changes the rules, no more astronomical figures for football stars

For the first time, the UEFA Executive Committee sets limits on the finances of football clubs. The new rules, which are expected to take effect in June next year, set ceilings that a club can use for transfers and player salaries.

"The UEFA Executive Committee has approved new sustainability regulations to replace the previous Financial Fair Play system," President Alexander Ceferin said at a meeting of the Executive Committee in Nyon on Thursday.

Under the new regulation, European football clubs can not use more than 70% of their income for the transfer market, footballers 'salaries and agents' commissions.

The changes seem to have come from the fact that teams like PSG or Manchester City, use the financial potential of their executives to dominate the transfer market.

UEFA has also decided that there will be less tolerance for the club's debts, warning of new sanctions for those who cross the red line of their balance sheet at the end of the year.

Among the first to react to the news was Ivan Gazidis, CEO of AC Milan, who said the new rules represent a significant evolution of the previous structure of Financial Fair Play.

"It is clear that the creation of a financially sustainable model for European football remains a very important objective and we hope that, after the transition period from the previous system, the new rules will be strongly implemented to ensure that they can help us. they help guide us towards this ambition, ”he said.