Veliaj with athletes Luiza Gega and Izmir Smajlaj: We invest in sports, so that young people follow your model

Veliaj with athletes Luiza Gega and Izmir Smajlaj: We invest in sports, so that

Izmir Smajlaj and Luiza Gega, the two champions have brought 3 more medals for Albania from the Balkan Athletics Championship in Istanbul. After the success, they met with the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, who expressed gratitude for the results achieved and said that Smajlaj and Gega are two models that are worth following by all Albanian youth.

"Luiza and Izmir have had a fantastic season and have started 2022 with a good start - a special year for us because Tirana is the European Capital of Youth. Our two young models have won gold medals, respectively in the long jump and in the 3,000 meters race, where we have been declared Balkan champions - Luiza for the eighth time and Izmir for the sixth time. The boys and girls of Tirana have two models to follow - a wonderful girl and a wonderful boy. I am super proud of you! "The fact that you come with these medals in the year when Tirana is the European Capital of Youth, means that every investment in youth is a worthwhile investment", said Veliaj.

He said that the investments of the Municipality of Tirana in sports are yielding more and more fruits every day, especially the sports fields, the new running tracks and recently, the swimming pools in the Lake area.

"With the results of Luiza and Izmir, we prove that where we have invested, we have been rewarded. Improving the financial status, reforming Sport Klub Tirana with a new leadership, new terrains, be it "Fahrie Hoti", be it the Olympic Park, be it the new tracks we are doing in nature - all these have been worth it. This means that sports reform is important for any federation. Today we have a special relationship with the Athletics Federation and the success stories of Louise and Izmir are proof of that. We have a super history with volleyball and basketball, the teams of Tirana are the first in the country and are preparing for international matches. We will continue with the same pace with football, but very soon we will have news about swimming, where we will receive after 20 years, all the pools in the Lake area,

Smajlaj and Gega praised the support and investment of the municipality for the successes of elite athletes. "I am proud to represent the colors white and blue in the international arena. This success would not have been possible without your help as president, without the head of the club and without the Olympic Committee ", said Smajlaj.

"I am very happy to continue to hold the title of Balkan champion for many years, but this is thanks to the support we already have from the club and the municipality. Honestly, thank you for that, because sport requires support, otherwise you can not maintain this level. I am very happy that we will have the track, which we love so much, and finally Tirana will have such a track, "said the champion Gega.

Both athletes confirmed that the next target is the Olympic Games "Paris 2024".