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4 things NOT to do when trying to get over your ex

4 things NOT to do when trying to get over your ex

The excruciating pain of a broken heart is one that takes a lot of time and self-love to heal. However, when you realize that you need to move on after a heartbreak, it may be the memories of your ex that consume you or worry you. So here are some things you should not do in order to accept the truth and forget about your ex.

Don't waste time retracing your old conversations

When you can't talk to the person, you may be tempted to revisit your old conversations, emails, or letters and relive memories of happier times. However, this is keeping you stuck in the past and delusional as you hold onto hope that things can be fixed.

Don't chase them

When you're dating, you probably know all of your ex's schedules. Not being able to contact them after a breakup may force you to keep an eye on their social media or even follow them around the neighborhood.

Don't agree to stay friends if you still love them

Staying friends with an ex eventually means watching them and supporting their new romances, which can hurt you terribly. So go away and make new friends. Friendship is special and you shouldn't waste time being friends with someone who chose not to be a part of your life.

Don't make excuses to watch it again

You probably think you can borrow something from his sister or go visit their mother. Or maybe you hope to return some things they left with you. While these thoughts may seem noble, you have to fight the urge to see your ex again.