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5 rules how to adapt to work and new colleagues

5 rules how to adapt to work and new colleagues

New job, new stimulation, new colleagues... In short, everything starts from scratch. Becoming a part of a new office is never easy, so you need to adapt a set of etiquette rules in order to create good relations in the company.

You have to learn the names of your colleagues, figure out what to do to look good and active in what you are doing at work, but also be nice to new colleagues.

The first days are very important to make it clear who you are, how much you like the job and to highlight your skills.

Your best ally? The rules! Maybe it seems like something useless, but the rules of a good education will help you!

You can send an email to everyone to introduce yourself

An introductory e-mail with your two-line professional details and how you will work.

Adapt to the "dress code" of the office

How you should dress is very important. Formal? Not formal, but elegant? Super easy? You will discover this in time, meanwhile do not dare to reveal too much or wear sneakers, maybe they are not appropriate in your new job.

Be diplomatic

According to a research, the main reason for fights in the office is the air conditioning. Women are more sensitive than men and immediately feel the cool temperature. If the office is open, try to be polite and diplomatic and take something extra with you. When you have more confidence, you can politely ask to raise or lower the temperature.

Don't be late for work

You've just arrived at your new job and you can't afford to be late. You will find out later if the entry schedule is somewhat more flexible.

Be careful with colleagues

You just arrived and you don't know all your colleagues. So it's better not to be influenced by the opinion of others about someone you find attractive. You can form your own impressions based on personal experiences. Until then focus on work.