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5 new terms you will have to learn in 2023

5 new terms you will have to learn in 2023

With changing lifestyles, continuous development, new terms have been created and it seems that they will be used even more in 2023.

Productivity paranoia

Does working from home make you more productive? Employees think so. Bosses not so much. Result? One more reason for disbelief and a new phrase to learn.

Mixed reality

Imagine playing tennis with real rackets, but the ball is generated in a computer. This interaction between reality and virtuality is mixed reality. You will watch it more and more.


Goodbye passwords! Technology has created fingerprint identification or facial recognition to access anywhere.

Frozen conflict

It is a military term for when the war may have ended, but the conflict is still pending. Putin has created many such.

Donut Cities

The movement of people from the center to the suburbs has driven up rents in the suburbs leaving the center emptier, like the American donut empty in the middle.