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7 stories of those who discovered something shocking about their partner

7 stories of those who discovered something shocking about their partner

We may believe that we know our spouse better than anyone else in the world, but even months or even years into the relationship, our reality can be shattered by a single revelation. That's exactly what happened to the people in this review, who were left stunned and heartbroken when they discovered a big and sometimes dangerous truth about the love of their life.

Some stories resemble movies, or even surpass them

-Soon after I got married, I started finding lipstick-stained tissues in my pockets. My wife found them once. She made a scene saying it wasn't her lipstick and threatened to leave me. I swore I had no idea who they were. Then one day, I opened my wife's laundry drawer and was horrified to find over 40 of the same lipstick-stained wipes, the exact same shade I found in my pockets. Now everything was clear. When we got married, the prenup was that my wife would get half of my money if there was evidence of infidelity. I understood what he was doing.

-My (now) ex-wife purposely tried to get pregnant with our daughter before we were married because she knew her mother could no longer pay for her health insurance and didn't want to work. She knew that having a baby could put her through the state's health care system.

-My husband hid the fact that he wasn't actually taking his antipsychotics on our honeymoon. Innocent 18-year-old me didn't realize how serious this was. I had to call the police during the night as the situation became serious. The good news is that he gets them regularly now!

-After I divorced my ex-wife, I found out that she had given away two children when she was younger. He had even closed the tubes so that he would not give birth to any more children. Meanwhile, when we were married, he kept me hoping that we would have children.

-I found out that my husband was accused of a robbery 13 years before we got married and had not served the sentence. He had to serve a few months after we got married.

-I discovered that my husband likes to wear women's clothes. One day, I came home to find him sitting in my favorite silk underwear playing video games.

-My ex-husband didn't tell me that he had cheated on me with his ex, whom he apparently also proposed to after proposing to me. Needless to say, I dropped it.