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9 Signs He Cares About You More Than He Says

9 Signs He Cares About You More Than He Says

Don't worry if he keeps his emotions to himself. Mentioned below are the top 30 signs that he cares about you even though he doesn't express it in words.

1. He expresses gratitude

If he makes you feel appreciated, this is one of the obvious signs that he cares a lot about you.

2. He appreciates you

How can you tell if a man cares about you? Notice how you feel when you are with him. Do you feel bad, or do you feel valued and respected?

3. He respects your space

Observing how a guy reacts to your boundaries is one way to tell if he cares about you. A man who values ??you will respect your preferences and never try to manage your life.

4. He plans surprises

When he goes above and beyond to surprise you with something you appreciate, it's one of the telltale signs that he cares more than he says.

5. He is willing to make sacrifices

If he's willing to give up watching football with the boys to watch a movie with you, you can definitely tell that he has a lot of interest in you.

6. He listens to you

If he pays attention to you while you talk, it's a sign that he cares about you. He is genuinely interested in your life and wants to understand you.

7. He is a genius at resolving conflicts

If he will go out of his way to end a disagreement between you, this is a sign that he really cares about you.

8. He notices changes in you

If he pays attention to the smallest details about you, such as whether you bought a new outfit or changed your hair, this is one of the physical signs that he really cares about you.

9. He values ??your opinion

He will consult with you before making any decisions that will affect both of you, such as moving or accepting a new job.