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You should give more moments and less things

You should give more moments and less things

The heart is nourished by pure and original emotions, and not by material things. It is filled with moments: in fact, they are what give true happiness, simple details that can make the sun rise, even on a stormy day.

You should give more moments and less things

Happiness is made of small things

It is the words, gestures and special moments that come from the hearts of those around us that fill our souls. It is the time that these people devote to us that allow us to experience moments of true happiness.

We don't need a smartphone or expensive clothes to turn our life into something wonderful. The magic is hidden in the everyday details, in the time spent together with the people we love and who love us.

Expensive gifts should give way to hand-in-hand walks, dinners together, glances and laughs, these are the beautiful things, able to open our hearts.

Who knows how to appreciate the details, is able to care for other people and the time spent together: at the same time knows how to give himself and open his heart, completely.

Knowing how to dedicate yourself, give time and not limit yourself to giving material things: this is the basis of love. We must engage and give moments, only in this way can authentic relationships be built.

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